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    FREE MSM Cream 2oz with
    MSMPure product purchase*

    $19.95 Value!

    *see details

    FREE PeakTails Skin & Coat 12ct with
    animal health product purchase*

    $9.95 Value!

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    There are many different brands and forms of MSM in the marketplace. When you see the distinctive OptiMSM logo on KALA Health’s MSM products, you know you’re getting the original MSM patented and licensed for sale in the United States and throughout the world as a dietary supplement. OptiMSM is held to higher quality standards, tested by independent laboratories to guarantee the absence of harmful metal and biological contaminants, and is always guaranteed 99.9% pure methylsulfonylmethane.

    Why Use OptiMSM?

    If you, your loved one, or your pet or working animal is suffering from chronic pain or illness, pure methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) can improve your health and help treat your symptoms and ailments. We are familiar with the negative side effects that occur when prescription pain killers and medicines are consistently used, which is why we encourage people to consider MSM. If you are someone who actively fears the negative long term effects of using pharmaceutical drugs, then you are the perfect candidate to try MSM.

    Unlike prescriptions pills, MSM has been present in our oceans, soil, and atmosphere for eons. Plants and animals have collected and eaten MSM for ages, as it is a part of nature’s great sulfur cycle which all life depends on. Only in the early 1980’s were the nutritional benefits of MSM discovered by Robert J. Herschler. Our discovery of MSM has given us an alternative to prescription pills, and a chance to avoid preventative deaths and ailments linked to the abuse of pharmaceutical drugs.

    If you are not currently suffering from chronic pain, it’s important to know that MSM can also be used as a preventative measure, and that it has several health benefits for both people and animals. However, you can only reap the benefits if you are taking pure MSM made from the highest quality ingredients.

    Just like any other food or drug, it’s very crucial to know where your MSM is coming from, and to make sure that you are only consuming the highest quality and purest MSM. Our understanding of how important it is to consume only the best MSM, and our dedication to delivering only the best products made from the best ingredients, is why you can consider us a trusted and reliable source for MSM.

    We encourage you to browse our website and learn more about MSM and how it can better your life. Please contact us with any requests, questions, or concerns!

    label icons allergy free gluten free kosher certified USA made

    Endorsed by Stanley W. Jacob, M.D.

    Professor of Surgery, Oregon Health Sciences University
    Portland, Oregon, USA

    Stanley W. Jacob, M.D.It is my great privilege and honor to work with Dr. Ron Breteler of KALA Health, Inc. to share with you an amazing nutrient that I have found to be one of the most exciting discoveries of the 20th Century: MSM…read more
    ~ Stanley W. Jacob, M.D.

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    “Saved me from back surgery. I got my life back.” – Ratmom on Amazon

    “I’ve had chronic neck pain and headaches since 1999. For the first time I haven’t had the chronic pain anymore. This is a great product for sure!” – Amazon Customer

    “Wow, what a dramatic change! I felt immediate relief of joint pain (carpal tunnel, knee and back pain). I use this for pain and inflammation and felt improvement in movement, hair growth/texture, softer skin, wrinkle reduction and clearer skin(after detox phase). – GingerSnaps

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