Understanding the history of MSM will make you feel more informed and confident in taking MSM Pure supplements. When you are committing to a healthy lifestyle and to taking a supplement such as MSM, we feel that having extended knowledge about the product is always helpful. In modern medicine it’s easy to assume that many of our drugs and supplements are newly discovered or created, while in fact several of them have been around for centuries and are now only being improved or even simply rediscovered.

Although humans have known for centuries about sulfur’s healing properties, it was only until recently that modern medicine rediscovered the health benefits of bioavailable sulfur.  Researchers started paying attention to MSM around World War II as they were studying the contents of cow’s milk.

In the 1950’s, Dr. Stanley Jacob, head of transplantation research at the University of Oregon Medical School, discovered the sulfur compound known as dimethylsulfoxide-DMSO while trying to find a way to freeze organic tissue without damaging it.

Here at MSM Pure we value the history of our product and those who were responsible for discovering it’s extremely beneficial properties. If you’re interested in more detail on the research and discovery of MSM visit our History of MSM page.