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Affiliate Program

Are you looking for different ways to earn cash on your website? Interested in an easy way to join the booming $17 billion natural products industry while introducing your visitors to cutting edge nutraceuticals for people and their pets ?

Well, look no further! Join the KALA Health, Inc. Affiliate Program. It's easy, it's fun and it's a great way to offer your viewers relevant health information and products from a high quality online provider of natural health solutions.

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How does our Affiliate Program work? 

It is really quite simple. Assuming you have a web site and attract visitors to your site, they will look around and like what they're seeing. If you are a reseller, you may include product descriptions and graphic images of KALA Health products. Or you may just include an invitation to visit the KALA Health web site with our logo with an embedded URL, and send your visitor to our site. Either way you visitor get tagged as having been referred by you, the Affiliate. When they make a purchase, you, the Affiliate, will receive 15% of that sale, and that percentage will increase to 20% once you receive your first 50 referrals!

You receive an email notifying you of the sale, and you can view your order record using the personal login page you will receive when you sign up, showing a history of all your commissions. At the end of the month you can run a commission report, which gives you the monthly totals for all your sales along with your commission amounts.

It goes much further than this, though. Motivated by the extra cash you will be making for sending us traffic, your send a friend to our site who then also signs up as an affiliate. This new affiliate will tagged as having been referred by you, the First Affiliate. Your friend starts making lots of referrals to KALA Health, and you as the First Affiliate get "second level" or "residual" commissions of 5% on all the sales the Second Affiliate (your friend) makes. You, the First Affiliate may never do any marketing work again, and simply rest on the laurels of your "children" affiliates. 

This can motivate you, the First Affiliate, to find more high-performance affiliates who will send traffic to our site. Your will thus get both first-level commissions from directly referred sales, and second-level commissions for sales referred by your 'child affiliate.' (Excuse the redundant-sounding wording here - people often get confused by the details of this program, so we're trying to be as clear as possible).

To Get Started

• Read the KALA Health, Inc. Affiliate Program Agreement.

• Complete our easy Application form.

Why Join?

You'll make money.
As an affiliate member you will receive 15% commission on every KALA Health product your visitor purchases from your web site. There is no minimum. And your commission is credited to you every time an order is placed at your site. The more products you sell, the more money you earn!

It's easy and free.
There is no charge to participate in our Affiliate program. Instead, we pay you! Every time a customer comes from your site to ours and makes a purchase, you earn a percentage of that sale. We provide you with on-line tools that make it easy to add our content to your site, and our on-line system lets you track every sale. We process the order, ship the products, and handle billing and customer service. We keep track of your earnings and send you a monthly check. It's that easy!

You can't beat our selection.
We offer some products you cannot find anywhere else! Your customers will always find what they need at KALA Health, Inc.

You'll be providing valuable health information to your customers.
KALA Health, Inc. prides itself on its on-line information concerning its products. Your customers can turn to KALA Health, Inc. for content they can trust to answer their natural health questions.

You can offer the lowest prices.
We offer excellent prices on the highest quality supplements for people and pets. By joining the Affiliate Program, you can too!

You can monitor your earnings.
We give you access to online reporting through our site. With reports available at any time, you will always know what you are selling and how much you've earned.

A partnership is just a few simple steps away.

Interested persons need to complete the following steps:

  1. Read the KALA Health, Inc. Affiliate Agreement.
  2. Complete our easy Application Form.
  3. Once we accept your KALA Health, Inc. application, we'll email you all the tools you need to monitor your sales.