Our Chondroitin Sulfate

Our Commitment to You:

Kala Health Inc., is committed to the research, development and utilization of quality ingredients in order to produce effective and safe health and nutritional supplements for people and their pets.

We keep it very simple: Provide consumers with health enhancing supplements that Work, Can be Trusted & Are Safe.

In order to produce safe and effective supplements you must first start with exceptional raw materials and this is where our scientific team excels in the industry. Kala Health has earned the trust of consumers across the globe due to our strict raw material standards and core focus on top-shelf branded USA ingredients.

Our Chondrotin: 

Chondroitin is a natural chain of sugars which gives cartilage elasticity and helps reduce compression, thereby promoting comfortable joints and slowing cartilage damage. It protects existing cartilage from premature breakdown, and keeps cartilage tissue hydrated to assist in cushioning impact stress. It may be beneficial in preventing stress injuries to joints as well as in aiding the repair of damaged connective tissue.

Our chondrotin is a pharmaceutical grade bovine chondroitin from frozen USDA-Certified beef, domestically produced from North American cattle and is BSA free. We 100% guarantee its quality, purity and consistency.

Unlike many of our competing chondroitin suppliers, who have been shown in tests to produce chondroitin of widely varying purity, we test every batch of chondroitin we make to ensure that it is of consistent high-quality. The chondroitin that we use in our pet supplements is the same that we use in our human supplements, and goes through all the same rigorous testing and standards for safety and quality. We will never sell chondroitin that is not safe, not pure, and not made from USDA-certified beef.

The Quality Factor:

Unfortunately, more so than any other ingredient, chondroitin sulfate quality varies massively on the open market. In addition, it is the number one ingredient adulturated by unethical raw material foreign manufacturers. The definition of adulturated is: To make impure by adding extraneous, improper, or inferior ingredients. This practice is extremely common and should be a huge buyers beware for consumers.

High quality pharmaceutical grade chondroitin costs roughly 10 times as much to produce, but contains as much as 90% more biologically active chondroitin sulphate.

At Kala Health: We make health supplements for people who CARE about quality ingredients.