About Our Quality Ingredients

Our Committment to You

In today’s world, the truth behind quality is often hidden

Whether you are a health professional, distributor or end-user, we are all consumers at the end of the day. That said, we all acknowledge that being a consumer in today’s world is becoming more and more difficult.

We see this everywhere, whether you are looking for a car or a trash can, there are dozens of options. By the time you make the purchase, most people, soon question whether they made the “right choice”.

The health supplement industry is even harder to navigate

The same holds true when it comes to buying nutritional supplements. In general, there are dozens of options for the “same” thing, in any product category.

In comparison to just a few years ago, not only are there vastly more options when it comes to nutritional products, but so many of these companies claim to be the best, use the best ingredients and produce the best products.

Yet, when you dig just below the surface you will quickly uncover that many of them source their raw materials from “questionable” manufacturers, most of the time from overseas vendors and completely based on price.

Made in the USA is really only half of the true story

Companies can say just about anything. Many claim that their products are “Made in the USA” but they fail to inform consumers exactly where the raw materials originated from.

Unfortunately, for consumers, retailers and distributors, due to the lack of regulations requiring companies to disclose the origin of the ingredients they use in their products, the real truth behind the quality of the products is a topic of great concern.

To complicate things even further, many of these nutritional manufacturers are owned and founded by individuals who have no scientific background at all. They simply build products by reading other companies labels.

They may have great marketing, but do they have great science?

Sourcing Quality Ingredients Starts With a Solid Scientific Foundation and Quality Control…

Would you trust having electrical work done in your home by a plumber, or would you feel better knowing this person was a licensed electrical contractor?. Obviously, the latter.

The same holds true when it comes to your health and the health of your family or pet.
A company who manufactures and distributes nutritional health supplements should at minimum have a medical advisory board made up of doctors or health professionals whom have solid foundation in health, wellness and the natural ingredients that can influence these.

The Kala Health Difference

At Kala Health we proudly have taken the position of “full disclosure”, meaning we have nothing to hide.

In 1997, when our founder Dr. Ronald Breteler and his board of influential scientists founded Kala Health, Inc. their core objectives were:

• To be a company of purpose and passion.
• To create innovative health supplements for people and pets that meet the strictest standards of quality and purity. To this day, we live by this philosophy that “if you are not going to produce the best possible products, then there is no point in producing them at all.”
• To be a company that consumers not only trust, but a company that competitors strive to emulate.

Our team has a deep understanding of health and nutrition and we are honored to have employees who share our passion for health and wellness.

That being said the real advocates are individuals like yourself, who take a proactive approach to health and wellness and care about the quality of ingredients which you are putting into your body or your pets body for that matter.

All our employees share in our core mission; to deliver and create meaningful, effective nutritional supplements that will improve the lives of both people and pets by utilizing only the purest ingredients available.

And with that claim comes a 100% guarantee. If anyone can find any ingredient available that is better than an ingredient we are currently using, simply inform us, provide valid proof and if our scientific board agrees, we will incorporate that particular ingredient into our next production.

We always say; “If you cannot produce a product that you would recommend or use with your own mother, child or family pet, than we have no interest in producing it.”

Pricing vs. Value and Quality

As a company we understand that there are many people who don’t care about quality ingredients or more appropriately do not actually understand the value difference of using pure, quality ingredients.

Even worse are those whom are simply price focused. They assume, for example, that all glucosamines are the same and therefore they might as well purchase a product on the shelf that has the most glucosamine at the lowest cost.

A simple analogy to this is, would be believing that all cars are created equal and therefore there is no difference between a Porsche and a Hyundai. Yes, they both have a motor and wheels, but there is a vast difference in their quality, engineering and most importantly in their performance.

When it comes to your health or the health of your family, there should be no substitute.

Kala Health is for people who care about quality ingredients

It is a fact that in life you can not be everything to everybody. It would be foolish and unrealistic that we as a company could change the world when it comes to perceptions and appreciation of quality health products.

That being said, if you are a consumer, retailer or distributor who actually cares about quality products made with true quality ingredients than we welcome your business and partnership in improving the health and wellbeing of those around us.